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Search for best Caterer by selecting Type of Menu ,Region,State,City,Location, Community and No.of Plates
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Choosing the food can -- and should be -- one of the most enjoyable parts of throwing a party.You can select the Best Menu / Package according to your "Tastes and Textures",by comparing between Caterers and customer Reviews.
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Place your order mentioning Event Date and Time,Plate Count, Place of order and Contact Details. You will receive an OTP and Oder ID to confirm the Order. You can Print Invoice for your Order.
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Hot and Tasty food is delivered by Our Caterers ontime and you can schedule to pickup or Delivery.


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Founded in 2011,Teleparishkar is a technology based company truly into offering a unique experience in the ICT industry. Technology Solutions that give an edge to both SMEs as well as large Corporate. With the Indian telecom industry witnessing a gradual downfall of SMS based solutions, Teleparishkar and its team was working hard to get something exciting to the Indian market. That gave birth to new and innovative solutions like AMCA, IWA and many more that not only have great potential in the Indian market but also worldwide. The team at Teleparishkar was not only keen to offer best solutions, but also relate to multiple industries. This is to ensure that many customers across industries should benefit from our products and solutions. We witness few more players entering this market, and that is a testimony to our effort.
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Having 16+ Years of Experience,Management Team at Teleparishkar is committed to create success in whatever they build, do. The team’s vast experience in IT & Telecom helps in designing and innovate new solutions that benefit our clients. The team has dedicated their knowledge in R&D to ensure quality results for the business. Teleparishkar is about positive energy. That’s what the programmers and customer support staff is trained on. Rest everything follows. The core belief is to ensure we bring our world-class solutions that appeal to both Indian market as well as International markets; though we do understand that requirements change from country to country depending on the consumer behaviour patterns.
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  • Online Catering
  • Online Banquet Hall Booking
  • SMS Platform
  • Voice Platform
  • A Missed Call Away
  • Call Free Number
  • Out Bound Dialing
  • USSD Services

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